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Profile migration to RCE 9

As part of the new features introduced with RCE 9.0, we improved the way the RCE profiles are stored. This, however, precludes us from automatically converting all settings made in user profiles created with older versions to the new format. Hence, in order to reinstate the settings made with older versions of RCE, please follow the steps below.

  • New Validation Rules
    We have introduced a new set of rules that define the valid component names, group identifiers, and version numbers. These new rules are applied consistently to tool integration and remote access. When using a profile containing tools that violate these rules, such tools will be deactivated. In order to reactivate these tools, please edit the tool integration and adapt the invalid identifiers to the new rules as indicated in the tool integration wizard. For more information on the range of valid identifiers, please refer to the user guide.

  • Republishing of Components
    Due to changes to the component publishing system, previously published tools will be unpublished. In order to republish the affected tools with the same permissions, add them to the pre-defined authorization group "public". Please refer to the user guide for more details. Remaining component publication entries in configuration.json and published.conf are ignored and are reported with a warning during startup. You need to delete these entries manually in order to eliminate these (harmless) warnings.

  • SSH Connections
    RCE supports publishing both individual components as well as complete workflows via SSH. Previously, all published tools were also available to all instances connected via SSH. Due to conceptual changes to the component publishing system, tools now have to be republished in the pre-defined authorization group "public" in order to be available via SSH.
    Moreover, in previous versions, only workflows that took a single string as their input and provided a single directory as their output could be published via SSH. In RCE 9.0, we have introduced the new components SCP Input Loader and SCP Output Collector, which allow for publishing arbitrary workflows via SSH. Since this novel system replaces the older one, you will have to adapt workflows published via SSH to use the new components in order to republish them. Please refer to the workflow 05_Remote_Access/Remote_Workflow_Access_Template.wf for an example how to use the new components. More details are available in the user guide.