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Update/Security Information for RCE Releases

Security and Bugfix Status of RCE Releases

As we constantly update the third-party software (e.g. libraries) included in RCE, we generally recommend always upgrading RCE to the latest available release. However, not every update might be strictly necessary. To allow RCE users and administrators to make informed decisions, this page provides an overview of the status of all public RCE releases. In particular, this includes information about how important it is to update from a certain RCE version.

If a version of RCE is marked as "End of Life" (EOL), it should not be used in a typical organization or similar networked environments anymore. Using them locally (i.e., without connections to other RCE instances) and/or in a particularly secure environment MIGHT be acceptable. Please make sure to observe any IT regulations that apply to you if you decide to use this approach. For most users, simply updating to a non-EOL version is recommended instead.

The development RCE team puts significant effort into making sure that all RCE versions of the same major release cycle (e.g. all 10.x.x versions) are network compatible. This means that, for example, all users of a 10.x.x release can update to the latest 10.x.x release independently and still connect to the other instances and interoperate with them. This compatibility is actively tested as part of our release and quality assurance process.

Release(s) End of Life Third-Party Software Recommendation
10.5.x (current) - actively monitored -
10.4.1 or older yes outdated important security issues; upgrading MANDATORY

Java Runtime (JRE) Version Compatibility

Due to our limited resources, we only test RCE against long-term support (LTS) versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Non-LTS versions may work as well, but we cannot give recommendations or feedback on them. Due to restrictions of certain third-party software (e.g. libraries) that we include, only certain LTS version are recommended. To support your installation decisions, the table below shows the compatibility situation of RCE releases.

Java Version Family Status
8.x supported up to RCE 10.4.1
11.x required for all current releases
17.x not officially supported and tested yet; planned for RCE 11.x