RCE 10.3.1

RCE 10.3.1 (Green Monkey) has been released. In this maintenance release we improved the logging system, improving its robustness during startup and possibly its performance in situations where log entries could be written rapidly, e.g., during workflow execution on busy servers. Furthermore, we migrated the third party library log4j from version 1.x to version 2.x. While there were no known security issues in log4j 1.x that affected RCE, we still recommend upgrading as a general precaution. Moreover, we also fixed a bug regarding a startup error and some GUI related issues.

Please see GitHub for the full changelog.

If you are using RCE 10.x you can update your installation using "Help -> Check for Updates". Otherwise, please find the downloadable artifacts on our download page.

Security / EOL Policy

We are preparing a formalized policy regarding RCE releases and their security/EOL status. Please see the Clarification of our Version Support / EOL Policy blog post for more information. Until we finalize this policy and establish a permanent place for related information, we define this as the preliminary security/EOL status of RCE releases:

  • Minimum RCE version including all security fixes/upgrades ("security baseline"): 10.3.1
  • Minimum recommended version for significant bugfixes/improvements: 10.3.1
  • Explicit, immediate end-of-life (EOL) versions: 10.1.0 or older

While we do not have a formalized EOL date for RCE versions 10.1.1 to 10.3.0 yet, we always recommend upgrading all installations to the minimium security baseline.