RCE 10.4.0

We are happy to announce the release of RCE 10.4.0 (Green Monkey). This release includes the brand new Workflow Integration Editor, a new and improved console command parser, a preview of the new Event Log, and a number of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Please see GitHub for the full changelog.

If you are using RCE 10.x you can update your installation using "Help -> Check for Updates". Otherwise, please find the downloadable artifacts on our download page.

Workflow Integration Editor

The new graphical Workflow Integration Editor guides users through the process of integrating a RCE workflow as a workflow component. To do so, users can integrate entire workflows by selecting a workflow file in the Project Explorer, or integrate parts of workflows by selecting components of a workflow in the Workflow Editor. The Workflow Integration Editor also offers the possibility to configure meta information about the component, as well as the inputs and outputs. For this purpose, inputs and outputs of the inner workflow are mapped to inputs and outputs of the resulting component. In addition, a special workflow editor supports deselecting (disabling) individual connections or components that should not be part of the integrated workflow.

Command Parser

The infrastructure that parses and executes console commands (e.g. "wf run ...") was fully reworked. Parameters and flags are now accepted in any order, and support for command-specific help output has been added, e.g. "help wf". Furthermore, larger parts of the command help output is now auto-generated, and the command reference in the user and developer guides is now generated directly from the code. This improves the consistency of the documentation. Please note that some of the new help descriptions are not completely reviewed yet; this will be improved in the next releases.

Event Log (Preview)

We added a first draft of the new RCE Event Log, which is meant to give users and administrators a concise and helpful overview of relevant events in an RCE instance. This preview does not cover all planned event types yet. In particular, workflow and component/tool execution is not fully covered yet. For this reason, there is no prominent Event Log access in the GUI yet - this will be added in a future release. To access the preview data, see the "Event Log" section in the User Guide.


We upgraded several third-party libraries as listed in the full changelog.

Update/Security Information for RCE Releases

To support RCE users and administrators in their upgrade descisions and planning, we have added update and security information for RCE releases to our website. Please see Update/Security Information for RCE Releases.