RCE 10.5.0

RCE 10.5.0 (Green Monkey) has been released. This release includes usability improvements, technical changes, several third-party library upgrades and a number of bug fixes.

This page provides a compact summary of the changes. The full technical changelog can be found on the GitHub release page.

Please note two important aspects regarding this release:

  • Starting with this release, RCE requires Java 11 to run. For most users, this will not change anything, as most organizations are pre-installing Java 11 already.
  • RCE 10.5.0 fixes an important security issue in a network library. This makes upgrading strongly recommended for all users, and mandatory for administrators of RCE servers (e.g. "relays").

If you are using RCE 10.x as a graphical (GUI) installation you can update your installation using "Help -> Check for Updates". Otherwise, please find the downloadable artifacts on our download page.

Tool/Workflow Integration and GUI

This release contains various stability and usability improvements.


There are some improvements regarding the Evaluation Memory, Optimizer and Output Writer workflow components. If you plan to use the Database component, please note that there is no MySQL JDBC database connector shipped with RCE anymore. The RCE User Guide and the integrated Database component help explains how to install one if needed.

Technical Changes

Beside some internal improvements, the minimum required Java version is now Java 11.


We upgraded several third-party libraries as listed in the full changelog. Since this also adressed a potentially significant security vulnerability in one of these libraries, upgrading is strongly recommended.

Please also refer to the Update/Security Information for RCE Releases.