Release 2.4.0


  • Major rework of the network/communication system; changes include:
    • significant performance improvements
    • simplified setup of ad-hoc networks; in typical use cases, clients only a single line of configuration to connect to a network
    • simplified handling of firewalled systems and subnets
  • reduced supported languages to English to avoid language mixups with third-party software
  • added sample project with example workflows
  • improved validation of Excel component configuration
  • improved error handling in Python component if an unsupported Python installation was chosen
  • improvements in graphical user interface of RCE (zooming behavior, graph plotting in Optimizer and Parametric Study component, etc.)
  • cleaned up graphical user interface on very first start of RCE
  • fixed "Simple Wrapper" execution under Linux when using multi-line command configurations created on Windows
  • fixed handling of multiple arrays in Python component