Release 3.0.0


  • Added support for remote upload of large files
  • Unified data types of input values and output values which are used by workflow components (Note: all workflow files created with RCE < 3.0.0 will be updated by RCE when opening them for the first time)
  • Replace the Python workflow component with a more generic Script workflow component which supports still Python and and latterly also Jython
  • Added check if two RCE instances are compatible to each other (connection between them will be refused if not compatible)
  • Added support for maximum iteration count in Converger workflow component
  • Reduced messages exchanged during workflow run
  • Improved GUI
    • added icon in workflow runtime tab, which shows the current state of a workflow
    • Fixed memory leak in tab showing the input values of running workflow components
    • Reworked and improved most of the workflow component configuration GUIs
    • Improved the workflow run editor: it only allows RCE nodes to be selected which has the workflow component with an exact matching version installed
    • Added check for invalid connections: if data type of one connection's endpoint (input/output) is changed it will be checked now if it is compatible with the data type of the other endpoint
    • Made the GUI in general more responsive even if long running (remote) operations are performed in the underlying backend
    • More minor improvements