Release 4.0.0


  • Added a wizard to simplify the creation of new workflows
  • Extended Network view
    • Workflow components are shown per node (for own node: locally installed and published ones; for remote nodes: published ones)
    • Connections to other nodes are shown
    • Connections to others can be managed (added, edited, deleted, started, stopped)
  • Fixed issues regarding copy&paste of workflow components
  • Fixed result view of Parametric Study component when it is opened multiple times
  • Improved responsiveness of the graphical user interface by reworking long-lasting operations
  • General improvements
    • Fix configuration validation in Script component
    • Added additional context menus where applicable
    • Removed tool bar icons for workflow control as they didn't work reliably; may be added again in a future version
    • Removed unnecessary menu entries in the graphical user interface
    • Added button in placeholder page (in workflow execution wizard) to select a file from the file system if the placeholder represents a file system path
    • Added menu entry to switch between workspaces
    • Added menu entry to restart RCE

Workflow Components

  • Added generic integration concept to integrate tools as workflow components
    • Tools are integrated using a graphical wizard
    • Newly integrated tools can immediately be made available ("published") to other users
  • Fixed constraints handling in Optimizer component for Dakota algorithms
  • Made Converger component more robust against inputs that are received after convergence of component
  • Restricted input types of Parametric Study component to floating point numbers and integers
  • If script in Script component reads an input that is optional or required and which has no new value, an exception is thrown now
  • Reworked Cluster component: inputs and outputs are directories, and multiple jobs can be submitted within one iteration

Workflow Engine

  • Added new data type "Directory"
  • Reworked the way how values/data are sent from one workflow component to another to improve performance and adapt to the new multi-network feature (see below)
  • Marked workflow components as deprecated if they are intended to be removed in future versions
  • When workflow components (without result views) are finished, the hosting RCE node can now be shut down without breaking the workflow
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred during workflow component execution

Communication Layer

  • RCE nodes can now connect to multiple networks without creating a connection between them; previously, this caused all networks to merge into a single, larger network. The new behaviour gives network administrators better control of computing resources.
  • Made network connections restartable (usable from Network View and command shell)
  • Provided infrastructure for more efficient distribution of node information (for example, the list of published components)
  • Improved handling of routing information
  • Improved routing performance by reducing the number of re-calculations
  • Fixed a server-side resource leak in the ActiveMQ network transport
  • Added first draft of an SSH administration console


  • Removed unnecessary files in installation folder of RCE (launcher(.exe), eclipsec.exe)
  • Improved log messages (e.g. removed irrelevant stack traces, reviewed and reduced warnings)
  • "rce.log" is now located in the main directory (previously in "configuration")
  • Improved internal event handling
  • Shortened path length of temporary files
  • General tweaks, bugfixes and performance improvements