Release 5.0.0

Workflow components

  • Added an "Output Writer" component to write directories and files to the local file system
  • Optimizer
    • The iteration count is now available as an output
    • Added support for the Vector data type (to support multiple (hundreds) of design variables)
    • Added support for start values and optimal solution outputs
    • Gradients variables can be set as goals in Dakota
    • Added support for nested loops
  • Script
    • Added support for Vector and Matrix data types
    • Added support for history data (shown in the workflow data browser)
    • Fixed memory leaks related to frequent script execution
  • Tool integration
    • Added support for history data (shown in the workflow data browser)
    • Added support for hot deployment of configuration.json files (i.e., if a new tool configuration is dropped at the proper place, the tool will be considered and integrated immediately without any further user interaction. Especially useful for RCE server instances without a GUI)
    • Bugfix: All console output is now properly separated in the workflow console view
  • Renamed component: Merger -> Joiner
  • Replaced/improved some component icons
  • Simplified the identifiers of components (the ones which are used in the .json files to configure which of the components are published)
  • Improved the ToolAccess interface that allows external (non-RCE) clients to execute integrated tools via SSH/SCP
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements


  • Improved the responsivness of the graphical user interface, especially in distributed setups under high load
  • Workflow editor
    • Connections are now properly handled when workflow nodes are copied and pasted
    • Introduced different sizes and shapes for workflow components in the editor
    • Removed the "Advanced" configuration tab as it is not intended (and therefore confusing) for end users Added support for a "point&click" method to connect component's endpoints (in addition to the existing "drag&drop" method)
  • Workflow data browser
    • The storage location of history data is now visible in the browser
    • Component history entries now use the component's icon for easier recognition
    • Sorting is now context sensitive (e.g., no support for alphabetical sortinng in timeline subtree)
    • When exporting, all history data is now properly fetched recursively, even if it was not made visible before
    • Updated the internal history data format for better long-term stability
  • Improved the iteration counter for components in the workflow execution view
  • Various graphical user interface improvements


  • Added information about supported operating systems
  • Added information about the scheduling parameters: required, initial, optional
  • Added documentation of the ToolAccess feature
  • General improvements

Configuration and administration

  • Switched to Java 7 (i.e., Java 7 or higher is required to execute RCE 5.0.0 and above)
  • Added a separate log file that only lists warnings and errors (warnings.log)
  • The location of the instance data directory (including the data management's storage) can now be freely configured; it is no longer restricted to be inside "/.rce"