Release 5.1.0


  • Added a view to execute RCE console commands
  • Added miscellaneous context menu entries for faster access to key features (such as integrating a new tool or creating the workflow examples project)
  • Fixed short cut for renaming workflow nodes (it is just F2 now)
  • Improved visibility of self-connections of components in the workflow editor
  • Component names are shortened from the center if the entire name is too long to fit in the workflow node box
  • Further improved the GUI's responsiveness, especially when RCE is connected to remote instances
  • Placeholders (such as Python installation path, cluster component credentials) are not shared between copied workflow files anymore
  • Various bug fixes

Workflow components

  • Cluster component
    • Absolute paths to the cluster queuing system commands are now configurable
    • Added support for indicating failed cluster jobs
  • Converger component
    • The number of iterations to consider in the convergence check is now configurable (not only the current and previous, but the current and n previous values can be considered now)
  • Optimizer component
    • Starts dispatching initial design variable values for evaluation not before it gets the first explicit evaluation request from the optimization algorithm

Tool integration

  • Tools can be published and unpublished on the file-system level without restarting RCE (especially useful for non-GUI server nodes)
  • Miscellaneous improvements

Command interface

  • The "wf run" command can now be used to run workflow files containing placeholders (Python path etc.) as well; this is done by specifying a JSON file containing the required placeholder values
  • Added the "wf verify" command for batch testing of workflow files; placeholder files are supported as with the "wf run" command


  • When installing RCE as a Linux daemon, the RCE instance can now be run as a non-root user (which is highly recommended); note that the installation process still requires root permissions
  • Added a startup check to detect missing temporary folder permissions early


  • Active connection attempts can now be cancelled by pressing "stop/disconnect" in the Network View, or by using the "cn stop" console command
  • Failed connections waiting to auto-reconnect can now be made to reconnect immediately (without stopping them first) by pressing "start/connect" in the Network View, or by using the "cn stop" console command

Remote access / Tool Access

  • In addition to the remote execution of single tools, complete workflows can now be invoked through the SSH/SCP interface


  • Added contextual help for all workflow components
  • Removed the standard Eclipse platform's help content from the integrated help center and replaced it with information about RCE's user guide
  • Extended the user guide with help for integrating tools in RCE