Release 5.2.0


  • Improved clean up of RCE's temp directory


  • General performance improvement in workflow data browser
  • Fixed handling of scripts that were openend in an editor at the same time and that belong to different script components

Workflow components

  • Optimizer component
    • Improved behavior if optimizer fails or isn't available at all
  • Script component
    • Improved error handling if non-existing files are written to an output

Tool integration

  • Fixed bug using boolean values in pre/post script
  • Added support for relative paths to the tool directory (relative to the RCE installation directory)


  • Fixed a bug where many crashed connections could cause a high number of remaining threads and could also cause a memory leak

Headless RCE

  • Added new command for batch execution. It executes a set of commands and shuts down RCE no matter what: --batch
  • Added support for placeholder values on component instance base (and not only on component type base)
  • Improved fault tolerance when execution a workflow in batch mode and not all of the required remote nodes exists immediately on start up because of network latency (but will be available directly after start up)


  • Improved documentation of string security filter
  • Added documentation for placeholder value files used in headless mode