Release 6.2.0


  • Improved usability of various graphical user elements including log messages
  • Extended and improved the access of tools and workflows via SSH (remote access)
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Internal improvements (e.g., improved quality assurance by increasing unit test coverage)


  • Script component
    • Files and directories (received as input values) keep their name (affects e.g. the name shown in the workflow data browser)
    • Added support to show whitespace characters in the text field used to write the Python script
  • Tool integration dialog
    • Added support for editing values (inputs, outputs, properties etc.) on double click
    • Added dialog which helps to create Python commands to copy files or directories within the pre or post execution script
  • Workflow data browser
    • The host instance of each workflow component is now shown
    • Added possibility to open CPACS files in the TiGL viewer from the workflow data browser's context menu
  • Workflow list
    • Workflows can be deleted now with the Del key
    • Fixed default sorting (now by time)
  • Command console: added feature to clear command console line on Esc
  • Workflow console: added possibility to copy either a whole console line or just the message itself
  • Announce syntax errors in the main configuration file of RCE at start up
  • Workflow execution
    • Improved warning shown in the workflow execution dialog if workflow components are not available or only available with other versions (which prevents the user from executing a workflow at all)
    • Improved warning when component versions of workflow file and current installation don't match
    • Added the new placeholders "${profileName}" and "${version}" to instance name configuration; this is intended to simplify deployments with many instances

Remote Access (access of tools and workflows via SSH)

  • Workflows published with the "ra-admin publish-wf" command are now persistent by default (ie, they are still available after restarting the RCE instance)
  • Tools on the RCE instance running the SSH server must now be explicitly published to be available
  • Clients can now explicitly select the instance of a tool that is available on multiple RCE instances
  • Filtered the "list-tools" output to tools that actually match the Remote Access requirements
  • The client's tool selection is now checked against the published/available tools before execution; before this, invalid values simply caused the generated workflow to fail
  • Improved error handling and feedback messages

Bug Fixes

  • Joiner component: fixed the configuration GUI of the joiner component so that its elements are applied correctly after undo or redo
  • Command console: Fixed pasting from clipboard into the command console on linux systems (fixed delay and issue with line break)
  • Fixed writing integer values to outputs of type float in script component and post script of integrated tools
  • Workflow data browser: fixed exporting directories from the workflow data browser
  • Files and projects can be deleted from workspace projects now even if they were opened beforehand
  • Workflow editor: workflow components, which are not available, can be now copied/cutted and pasted as they were be available
  • Fixed resource leaks in workflow data browser and workflow timeline view
  • Workflow engine: constant inputs of loop driver components (e.g. Optimizer, DOE, ... ) are now reset if loop was reset (mainly affects loop drivers of nested loops)

Internal Improvements

  • Improved quality assurance by increasing unit test coverage
  • Refactor the code base responsible for loading, mapping, and saving XML files