What is RCE?

RCE is an Open Source distributed, workflow-driven integration environment. It is used by engineers and scientists to design and simulate complex systems (e.g., aircraft, ships, or satellites) by using and integrating their own design and simulation tools.
An overview about RCE and some of its application fields gives this survey article.
If you're interested in contributing to RCE please don't hesitate and contact us. The source code is distributed as a zip archive along with each release. We will provide general public access to our source code repository soon.
Follow us on Twitter for latest news concerning releases, talks, related science etc. Check our YouTube channel for screen casts and other nice stuff concerning RCE.

Release 2.3.0


  • added optimizer component (currently for Windows only)
    • Black-box optimization with Dakota
    • Currently supported algorithms: Quasi-Newton method, HOPSPACK Asynch Pattern Search, Coliny Evolutionary method (all of them single- and multi-objective)
  • improved "simple wrapper" component
    • added Jython as pre- and post-processing scripting language
    • added support for OS-independent and multiple commands
  • graphical …

Release 2.2.5


  • added Simple Wrapper component (0006339, 0007079)
  • fixed Excel component: refresh formula after insertion of data (0007033)
  • fixed Excel component: export to Excel(0007034)
  • fixed list of platforms involved in a workflow: add the controller platform even no component is running there (0006989, 0006932)
  • improved workflow data browser: add "collapse …

Release 2.2.4


  • fixed unnecessary undo/redo steps in workflow editor (0006897)
  • fixed performance issues when connecting to multiple servers (0006904, 0006900)
  • fixed crash issue when running distributed workflows (0006895)
  • fixed output channel of Python component firing when it is not assigned in the script (0006921)
  • fixed minor workflow-related UI bugs (0006901 …

Release 2.2.3


  • added automatic IP address detection for RCE clients, with fallback option (0006786, 0006843)
  • added support for placeholders and properties in JSON configuration files (0006818)
  • internal fixes and enhancements (0006849, 0006687)

Release 2.2.2


  • added support for xlsx files in Excel (0006760)
  • added jars related to apache.poi (0006759)
  • added common code base for tool wrappers (0006640)
  • added new RCE event log API (0006396)
  • added test libraries to target platform (0006777)
  • fixed: no dirty flag on changes when opening connection manager with context …